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Posted @ 2011-11-29 20:56 CET by root
I've created a basic database setup and an even more basic form to enter new posts in the format in which I am writing these updates. So that's basically a VARCHAR column for the Post Titles, a TEXT column for the post content and some more stuff like author, posting time in MySQL DATETIME format and a unique key to identify every post.

It's only an experimental setup so far, but after fighting with Html > PHP > MySQL character encoding issues I think I've worked out a basic method of storing data and retrieving it into the desired html elements.
I'm not hooking it up to a Database server here on the website yet - for obvious reasons. 

I've also come across a new IDE that I am getting used to more and more. I'ts called Aptana Studio 3, and it's an open source project.

I've been developing my applications solely with Bluefish 2.0 so far, but the Javascript Code Assist - or lack thereof finally convinced me to give Aptana a try.

You can check it out RIGHT HERE if you like. 

And while I'm speaking about new fancy tools I've come across, I would like to mention jQuery as well, which I'm trying out right now. In case you haven't heard about that before - which I'm ashamed to admit I did not until a couple of weeks ago - you really should check it out .

What you can do with a single line of code can be seen by clicking on the little buttons on the bottom of this post. I am not using Flash here at any point. It's pure Javascript, and I just played around with it for a couple of minutes. It's AWESOME.
Welcome to the SHO Global Headquarters - Hunting Knobs Throughout The Galaxy Since 2002
Posted @ 2011-11-27 14:53 CET by root
Welcome to my personal playground. 

I'm mainly trying to implement and test various techniques that I've learnt, or which I am in the process of learning about. 
I'm a PHP / Ajax / Database programmer who develops Reporting Frameworks with Webfrontends for the IT business.
As of now I'm trying to implement my own miniature CMS System with some rudimentary functions and features. The task is quite time consuming, and I do have other Priorities that I need to focus on at many times, so various things might not be working as intended to, or not be working at all.

All code you see on this page can be considered open source, so you may copy it and use it for whatever purpose you like.			

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